Western Himalaya has visitors travelling to it year round.  In winter however there is no trekking due to the huge snow falls in the Ranges. In those months visitors go for the sights and cultural tours. Trekking is restricted to the summer months starting from April and continuing into October.

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Once we hear from you with your queries for Trekking or Driving Holidays to a particular region, we shall be pleased to send you the programme along with our grading!! All our tours are graded and should be taken as a guide line only. Our grades take into account a combination of the distance walked, the toughness of the terrain, the altitude, the remoteness, climate and the overall length of the whole tour and the degree of comfort to be expected. This all will be incorporated with our Itinerary sent to you.
When you are sending your queries,   please let us know what grade trekking holiday or Driving Holidays you are looking for.
In order to make it easier for you our holidays grading are as follows:
A - Easy: - For anyone of any age. Plenty of stops and time to enjoy the local scenery. The trip will not solely consist of walking each day but allowing time for sightseeing and touring the area using the transport.
B - Moderate: - For anyone who is a 'regular" hill walker and is looking forward walking on rugged terrain on longer stretches.
C - Fairly strenuous: - This is for the keen hill walker. Trekking is sustained, often involving high mountain passes, but still with plenty of time for rest and relaxation at the end.
D - Strenuous and at time challenging : - These trips are meant for real physically fit people with lots of experience in the high mountains and who are willing to rough it out under adverse conditions

We are committed to providing quality education based school camping programs that are enjoyable for students and hassle free for the teachers. Our team provides a chance to the students to enhance their hidden potential. The programs are aimed at boosting student's self-confidence, self belief and preparing them to meet challenges through a varied curriculum of fun, games and activities.

We organize innovative programs to work on behavioral aspects and to enhance the capabilities of children along with taking them to heritage sites visits and nice outing with hard as well as mild trekking schedules.
Our programs include more than one activity and provide wide range to the students to make the trips educational in real sense without bringing down the fun element. The camping  programs offers activities like rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, rope courses, crafts, educational workshops and debates. We have a team of trained professionals, staff and counselors, under whose watchful eyes the children perform all the activities they also provide personal support and mentoring to students by modeling positive, responsible behavior.

The Price includes :
At Joginder nagar : Night halt in hotel.
During Trekking - In  camping tents  including all meals (Veg.only)
All local transfer by vehicles.

One tour Manager and Herbal medicine expert from Rita Tourism Foundation.

Price does not include:

 Any service not mentioned in the tour “Tour Cost Includes” and the itinerary .

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